Wma to mp3 converter

Wma to mp3 converter for Windows

Convert your audio file collection from wma (windows media audio) to mp3 format

Convert your audio file collection from wma (windows media audio) to mp3 format

Windows Media Audio (WMA) is a proprietary technology that forms part of the Microsoft Windows Media framework. Wma to mp3 converter is a program that completely changes the internal structure of an audio file from wma to mp3. This converter preserves the quality of the wma file as it transforms to mp3. Wma to mp3 converter was created to assist users who usually play their music outside the windows environment. Mp3 is a very portable audio format with many hardware and software players specifically designed for it. Wma to mp3 converter is a one way converter to mp3 only. The user simply selects the wma file to convert using a browse button or by typing the file name.

This software targets people who enjoy their music in high quality wma format but also want it into a highly portable format like mp3.

The audio conversion process in this Wma to mp3 converter is fast and reliable. The program has no bugs reported so far. It has a progress bar to let you view the change as it happens in real time. The file output by the converter has the same name as the wma file but with an mp3 extension. Wma to mp3 converter does not delete the wma file and the files will be found in the same folder.

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Wma to mp3 converter


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    Cool software, one of the best in its category. Wma to mp3 converter will convert most video types. There is along list of files to con More